Dec 16–31, 2020

Project Updates

Vite App

  • Vite iOS App v3.9.0 (supporting native BTC wallet) is in the final testing stage and will be released soon. In this release, users can use the same mnemonic phrase to store BTC, ETH, and Vite, all in the Vite app.
  • Vite Android App v3.8.0 (new Asset tab) has been released…

A Vite Labs funded, community-run group to solicit, sponsor and supervise DApp development on Vite


We are creating a community-run Vite Developer Committee (“The Committee”) that will oversee the proposal, development, and reward of new projects on the Vite chain. Funding (currently set at 500k VITE per month) for project developers will be provided by Vite Labs.

Organizing Principles for the Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Committee is responsible for organizing community-based software…

Vite Editor

All things related to the Vite public blockchain. Our website is

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